Bob's Red Mill 2021 Catalog

gluten free apple hazelnut galette CLICK HERE FOr this Recipe ORGANIC BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Ground whole grain buckwheat. 22 oz 1090S22 $5.49 CASSAVA FLOUR The ground whole root of the cassava plant. 20 oz 1953S20 $9.69 CHICKPEA FLOUR Stone-ground whole garbanzo beans. 16 oz 1260S16 $3.09 ORGANIC COCONUT FLOUR Ground defatted coconut. 16 oz 6135S16 $5.29 ORGANIC CORN FLOUR Stone-ground yellow corn containing all of the bran, germ and endosperm. 22 oz 6007S22 $3.79 GLUTEN FREE CORN FLOUR Stone-ground yellow corn kernels. 22 oz 1617S22 $3.59 ORGANIC MASA HARINA CORN FLOUR Used to make traditional corn tortillas. 24 oz 6012S24 $5.19 ORGANIC MEDIUM GRIND CORNMEAL We grind 100% whole grain organic corn, perfect for corn bread, cornmeal mush, pizza crust and more. 24 oz 6008S24 $4.19 GLUTEN FREE MEDIUM GRIND CORNMEAL 100% whole grain, giving your polenta, cornbread and other baked goods the richest possible flavor. 24 oz 1620S24 $3.89 COARSE GRIND CORNMEAL An intense corn flavor with a slightly more granular texture, stone ground from whole grain corn. 24 oz 1150S24 $2.99 ORGANIC FLAXSEED MEAL Freshly cold-milled flaxseeds. 16 oz 6032S16 $4.89 GLUTEN FREE 1-TO-1 BAKING FLOUR A blend of sweet white rice flour, whole grain brown rice flour, potato starch, whole grain sorghum flour, tapioca flour and xanthan gum. 22 oz 1601S22 $5.39 GLUTEN FREE ALL-PURPOSE BAKING FLOUR A blend of gluten free flours from potato starch, tapioca, sorghum and beans (garbanzo and fava). 22 oz 1600S22 $4.99 SUPER-FINE ALMOND FLOUR Blanched whole almonds that are finely ground. 16 oz 4999S16 $10.99 SUPER-FINE NATURAL ALMOND FLOUR Finely ground whole almonds with the skin intact. 16 oz 4998S16 $10.99 ORGANIC AMARANTH FLOUR Stone-ground whole grain amaranth. 18 oz 6001S18 $8.49 ARTISAN BREAD FLOUR A high protein wheat flour, perfect for baguettes, pizza crusts, dinner rolls, sandwich loaves, pretzels, bagels and more. 5 lb 1317C05 $6.49 ORGANIC GOLDEN FLAXSEED MEAL Freshly cold-milled golden flaxseeds. 16 oz 6035S16 $5.09 GARBANZO & FAVA BEAN FLOUR Stone-ground garbanzo and fava beans. 22 oz 1605S22 $6.49 HAZELNUT FLOUR Ground whole Oregon hazelnuts. 14 oz 1811S14 $16.99 MILLET FLOUR Stone-ground, whole grain millet. 20 oz 1296S20 $3.39 OAT FLOUR Milled whole grain oats. 20 oz 1375S20 $3.69 GLUTEN FREE OAT FLOUR Milled whole grain oats, carefully sourced and R5 ELISA tested to ensure our gluten free promise. 18 oz 1984S18 $5.49 PALEO BAKING FLOUR Just four simple ingredients: almond flour, arrowroot starch, organic coconut flour, tapioca flour. 16 oz 1951S16 $11.69 POTATO FLOUR Ground whole peeled and trimmed potatoes. 24 oz 1445S24 $7.69 ORGANIC QUINOA FLOUR Stone-ground whole grain quinoa. 18 oz 1448S18 $11.49 8 • BOB’S RED MILL CATALOG 2021 • DISCOVER MORE AT BOBSREDMILL.COM • 1-800-349-2173 CLICK ON PRODUCT NAME FOR MORE INFO • ADDITIONAL SIZES • CASES • BULK BAGS • 9 FLOURS e MEALS

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